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Think & Link, Pants Optional

We are going deep on retail for this session. We have the great one, Paco Underhill, Author, “Why We Buy” to discuss the future of retail after we exit the other side of this lockdown. Paco’s observations over many years of retail strategy consultation will give us a view from someone who has seen nearly everything. We also have Christine Ward, the founder of our beloved retail brand, Patina. This pairing will give us all a current and long view of what retail will need to do in order to thrive after this moment in time.

We will again be discussing the topics of the week sparked by questions from my co-host Allison Kaplan and myself, Aaron Keller. Capsule invented Think & Link during the last recession and have gratefully kept it going as a monthly event for a decade. As we all face these strange times, our team looks to do what we can do to help connect our friends and nourish their intellectual curiosity.

Think & Link, Pants Optional, is our way of giving something to our community as we seek new opportunities, friendships and professions.

Our format is a 30 minute Q&A discussion followed by a small group discussion where you’ll be able to meet and discuss the topic of the day for 25 minutes.

For those who dare to engage casual dress codes and good conversations, tickets can be reserved here.

About Think & Link:

Capsule's Think & Link is an invitation-only gathering of like-minded people, coming together each month to discuss hot topics and important issues. It's an invaluable sharing of insight and inspiration.

Note: Link to access the event through Zoom will be sent to registered participants the day before the event.

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