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Capsule Seeks Research Associate

Capsule is seeking an individual who thinks charting new courses is the ideal Friday night activity. We're looking for someone who possesses a natural inquisitiveness towards the world (both terrestrial and celestial), a passion for brands and a knack for details that will help mold the clay of meaningful insights and innovative ideas into killer brand strategies and experiences.

You know, basically someone who maps stars and supernovas to help brands safely get from point A to point B.

There's not much point taking flight if there's no one to back up our explorative endeavors. So, we need a Research Associate that will serve as a member of Ground Control to support our Research Manager throughout projects that touch every piece of Capsule's extensive design process.

The Research Manager will not only help plan various phases of the research process, but execute client research needs spanning a broad range of qualitative methods. We're hoping to enlist a willing volunteer who is not only able to organize maneuvers from behind the screens of Ground Control, but is comfortable dawning their spacesuit in order to launch into the nitty gritty void of research topics still in need of a little exploration.

Ideal candidates are creative thinkers whose daydreaming brains still maintain a firm footing in reality to produce both creative and strategic solutions. Excellent presentation, interpersonal, organizational and project management skills are a must. And, experience with popular research platform tools never hurt anyone. As a member of Capsule, this person must be able to work within a cohesive crew while also being able to fly solo from time to time.

If you're one of the many sufferers of papyrophobia (it's a very, very real problem), we've taken your worst nightmare off the table and allow you to complete the entire application process online.

Neat, huh?

View the full mission details in the job description, here. And, if you're unperturbed by the challenge, email Sarah Day.

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