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Capsule Seeks Freelance UX Designer

Capsule is seeking an aesthetically inclined digital cartographer to join our curious crew. We're in need of an adventurer who's doggedly determined to ensure that solutions to any deep space (and brand) challenges they encounter are not only effective, but look good too.

We’re currently seeking a freelance UX designer that will apply Capsule’s proven design process to the digital frontier. This designer is not only an expert in sitemaps, wireframes, UX and UI, but is capable of guiding web design projects from start to finish. Applicants must have an eye for aesthetics and reference best practices and current trends in visual design. This intrepid explorer must understand how to use creative problem solving, design and an elevated common sense to produce layouts, assets and tools that are intuitively understood. All the while demonstrating an ability to steer digital travelers through the virtual worlds they create through the effective use of human-centered design.

Ideal candidates are creative thinkers whose daydreaming brains still maintain a firm footing in real life execution in order to produce strategic and contextual design solutions. Excellent presentation, interpersonal, organizational and project management skills are a must. And, experience in logo, print and packaging design are an added advantage. As a freelancer collaborating with the Capsule crew, this person will work on an hourly or per project basis and can work remotely from any location.

If you're one of the many sufferers of papyrophobia (it's very, very real), we've taken your worst nightmare off the table and offer you a way to complete the entire application process online.

Neat, huh?

View the full mission details in the job description, here. And, if you're unperturbed by the challenge, email Sarah Day with your portfolio of work examples.

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