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Capsule Seeks Account Manager

Capsule is seeking a new crew member who possesses a natural inquisitiveness towards the world (both terrestrial and celestial), a core competency in crafting meaningful connections, and a knack for translating thoughtful design and strategic skill into stronger client relationships. You know, basically someone who charts stars and maps supernovas to pinpoint unique opportunities and ensure Capsules’ clients reach new horizons. The Account Manager will manage client relationships, participate in client strategy and facilitate the presentation of research, strategy, messaging and design work.

As an Account Manager at Capsule, you will have the ability to work on diverse brand challenges across diverse industries, as well as collaborate across internal research, strategy and design teams. Leading and supporting multiple projects at once, candidates should be comfortable owning their schedules, managing their time and presenting their work, with the support of your team for every step of the way.

If you're one of the many sufferers of papyrophobia, we've taken your worst nightmare off of the table and allow you to complete the entire application process online.

Neat, huh?

View the full mission details in the job description, here. And, if you're unperturbed by the challenge, email Rachel Dille.

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