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Capsule 18: Favorite Think & Link Speakers

In celebration of turning 18 this year, the Capsule team takes a look at some of the things we have learned on our journey to adulthood.

Our second Capsule 18 post highlights our monthly Think & Link, and features some of the most brilliant minds that have been inside of the Capsule (in no particular order).

#18: Eric Dayton: The (Not-So) Bachelor Farmer

Eric Dayton, founder and owner of our neighbors, The Bachelor Farmer, Askov Finlayson, and Marvel Bar, joined us for our September 2015 Think & Link. Eric shared the nuances and inspiration behind the names of his first businesses and the evolution of the historic North Loop Minneapolis neighborhood.

#17: Joe Pine: The Visionary

"Experience Economy" author and customer experience expert Joe Pine stepped inside the Capsule to talk about the experience economy and the importance of finding new ways to engage audiences.

#16: David Bedford: The Good Apple

A true innovator and scientist, David Bedford is changing the way we understand and consume one of the most beloved fruits: apples. David is currently a research scientist focused on apple breeding to be marketed and consumed all over the world. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - in fact, it falls in our very backyard at the University of Minnesota. He joined us in November 2016 to share his passion for apples, new innovations in the industry, and our partnership with The University of Minnesota to come up with the latest apple variety name, Rave.

#15: Cecily Sommers: The Practical Futurist

The author of "The art of Reinvention - Knowing What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do", and keynote speaker discussed the importance of knowing who we are and where we're going based in following our truth, foresights, and inquiries, which can lead us to innovation.

#14: Joe Prebich: The Outdoorsman

Joe Prebich, VP of Brand at the popular Swedish outdoor brand, Fjällräven spoke on the Think & Link stage June 2015 to speak on "Creatively Corporate". Joe engaged our audience with ideas about keeping creativity, risk, and trust at the forefront of big business marketing initiatives.

#13: Dan Dittmer: The Gear Junkie

When the co-founder of Wolf Tooth Components and Otso Cycles joins us for Think & Link, the bike lanes around the office get a bit more traffic. Dan shared about the journey from turning a profit into a scaleable business, along with the importance of building a loyal following and creating a community.

#12: Jacquie Berglund: The Life of the Party

We were thrilled to welcome the founder and CEO of FINNEGANS Inc. - a social enterprise dedicated to turning beer into food by donating 100% of profits from the sales to alleviating hunger in the Midwest - to the Think & Link windowsill in December 2013. Jacquie, a smart, spirited and giving woman, inspired our audience with the story of how FINNEGANS came to be and the way her business is making social impact.

#11: Nate Garvis: The Jack of All Trades

Nate is the founder and president of Naked Civics LLC, an innovative public affairs consultancy focusing on social innovation design and counsel. He engaged the audience in a discussion about a world shaped by civic outcomes that are a matter of design, whether in how we gather, think or build.

#10: Roxane Battle: The Happy Camper

Journalist and author, Roxane Battle joined us in July 2015 to talk about writing her book, "Pockets of Joy: Deciding To Be Happy, Choosing To Be Free", and the secret formula she used to contribute to her success.

#9: Charles Youel: The Bike Enthusiast

Charles took the Think & Link stage this past May and we couldn't have been more thrilled to have him given his appreciation for and experitise in two things we love: design and biking. As the founder and creative director of the pop-up art show series, ARTCRANK, Charles shared his perspective on the importance of taking risks and failing fast.

#8: Hannah Barnstable: The Chef

After a honeymoon in New Zealand fuled by muesli and a realization that the breakfast aisles are dominated by sugar, Hannah set out on the noble mission to bring excellent muesli to Minnesota and flip the breakfast market on its head. The Think & Link crowd received insight on how to build an authentic brand Hannah's top 5 lessons for starting a food company (along with a healthy breakfast).

#7: Aaron Keller and Kitty Hart: The Dynamic Duo

These familiar faces took the T&L stage November 2015 to tell one of our most successful and most sustainable client stories. Aaron, Capsule's Managing Partner and Kitty, our Director of Client Experience, shared about our project with Patagonia and the journey to the sushi-roll packaging.

#6: Sarah Edwards: The Trend Setter

Sarah Edwards took the Think & Link runway in March 2016 to share stories, pieces of advice, and words she lives by that contribute to her success as the Founder and CEO of I AM and Fashion Week Minnesota. Sarah’s love for style, people and the city of Minneapolis shined brightly as she spoke, and made for an engaging T&L conversation.

#5: James Damian: The Conductor

In his June 2017 presentation, retail and customer experience expert James Damian shared about the importance of design to the future of companies, and the responsibility of retailers to adapt to change. The failed conducting major inspired the audience by sharing his journey from the windows to the boardroom, and ended with a charge to always stand in a space of possibility.

#4: Tom Fisher: The Design Scholar

As the Dean of the College of Design at the U of M, Tom understands the evolving and profound changes undergone in the design industry from the industrial revolution to our most recennt revolution, which he calls the industrial revolution of mass customization. In February 2014, Tom spoke about these changes and the ways designers have responded to this in practice.

#3: Steve Baird: The Attorney

As the head of the Intellectual Property and Brand Managament groups at Winthrop & Weinstine, you could say Steve knows a thing or two about how the law and branding work together. He took the Think & Link stage before video cameras were around (the Stone Age) to talk to our creatives about intellectual property, trademark and copywrite law, and how to make sure your art is protectable.

#2: Kieran Folliard: The Irishman

Think & Link got a bit more spirited when Kieran Folliard, the Twin Cities resident Irishman and founder of 2 Gingers Whiskey, took the October 2016 stage. Kieran shared about the birth of 2 Gingers and the creation of the FOOD BLDG in Northeast, and importance of supporting the local startup community.

#1: Aaron Keller, Dan Wallace, and Renee Merino: The Authors

The Physics of Brand authors took the Think & Link stage last June to introduce their debut book and answer questions from the audience. Time and space models, Einstein, and physics were all covered in this special Think & Link.





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