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Capsule Seeks Digital Marketing Associate

Capsule is seeking a new crew member who possesses a natural inquisitiveness towards the world (both terrestrial and celestial), a core competency in crafting meaningful connections, and a knack for translating thoughtful content and strategic skill into the digital realm for all to see. You know, basically someone who charts stars and maps supernovas to pinpoint unique marketing opportunities and ensure the Capsule brand maintains its integrity as it flies forward into new horizons. The Digital Marketing Associate at Capsule will support various Capsule marketing team efforts, touching diverse areas across our extensive strategy and design process.

Ideal candidates are creative thinkers whose daydreaming brains still maintain a firm footing in reality to produce strategic and contextual marketing solutions. Excellent interpersonal, creative concepting, organizational and project management skills are a must. As a fellow Capsule crew member, this person must be able to work within a cohesive crew while also being able to fly solo from time to time.

If you're one of the many sufferers of papyrophobia, we've taken your worst nightmare off the table and allow you to complete the entire application process online.

Neat, huh?

View the full mission details in the job description, here. And, if you're unperturbed by the challenge, email Sarah Day.

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