We start with the principles of design and use the most efficient and engaging mediums at our disposal. This means we can just as easily design a mobile app or a vodka bottle as we can a conversation or a digital retail environment. Design is a way of thinking about an object, a conversation or a moment in time. We design for your audiences, to your benefit.

Areas Of Focus

Our Process

Research, strategy and design are the three pillars of our method. We can make it more complex if you’d like, but we’ve found a life of simplicity is rewarding. Our process uses iterative design methods informed by both qualitative research and a collaborative process. And, if you'd like more, we use educational methods and practices throughout the process to help you sell design solutions inside your organization. Simply put, in turbulence, we activate positive change.


Capsule designed a proprietary process to effectively and organically assemble the necessary information used to formulate a strategy. Our Foundations™ process uses proven research techniques, sociological constructs and creative exercises to identify and gather all the elements that define your brand’s personality, promise and expected behaviors. Going forward, these are translated into the fundamentals defining your brand.

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