Rush 2 Recycle: The Results

Capsule teamed up with PepsiCo to help take on an ambitious goal: recovering 90% or 40 tons, of waste at Super Bowl LII. Working with the NFL, Amarak and U.S. Bank Stadium, the Rush 2 Recycle initiative and ambassadors worked to compost, recycle and repurpose all the waste created within the U.S. Bank Stadium and other events surrounding the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

Equipped with a strong logo and robust system design, Rush 2 Recycle and its ambassadors took Super Bowl LII by storm throughout the city, helping attendees recycle their waste. 

The outcome of Rush 2 Recycle was wildly successful in accomplishing PepsiCo's goal, with a total of 91%, or 62 tons, of stadium waste recovered during the big game. We're proud of this project and delighted that we could be part of such a great cause for our environment and our city. The initiative was premiered at Super Bowl LII and its corresponding events, but will continue to live in other venues, stadiums and events. 

Want to know more about the making of this brand? Check out an insider interview with one of our designers and our case study of the work here. 

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Ellen Pickering

With a degree in Sociology/Anthropology and Studio Art, I am intrigued by human behavior and social structures and its fusion with branding and design solutions. As a Research Associate, I continually seek new ways to follow my curiosities and ask questions to find pattersn in the world. Other passions of mine include traveling, taking photographs, shooting hoops and rummaging through thrift stores. 

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  • 5.3.2018

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