Inside the Capsule: Intern Spotlight on Austin

Capsule is excited to introduce our newest team member, research and marketing intern Austin Selness! We learned more about him through a fun “mad lib” exercise. Check it out!

The name is    Austin Selness    but you can call me    just Austin I guess    for short. I work at Capsule as a    Research & Marketing Intern   , aka it’s my job to   help uncover what makes brands unique, assist in drumming up new business, and smile while I pretend I know what I’m doing.    I’m from     Cologne, MN   , also known as   “Where?"    and my background is in   advertising & psychology (the friendly, noninvasive kind).   

When I’m not at work you can find me   hiking state parks   or    cracking up at my incessantly hilarious inner monologue.    My go to karaoke song is   Tequila by the Champs because I only have to sing one word.    My favorite brand is   Warby Parker - I desperately hope my eyesight gets bad enough to warrant needing a pair of their glasses someday.   

Something weird (but really cool) about me is that I can   say I’ve filled in last minute for an improv comedy performance in front of over 1,000 people… it went pretty well.   One thing I’m particularly passionate about is   seeing new places and trying new things - whether it's taking the backroads home or planning a trip to the next foreign country on my bucket list.   

If I could put one item into a time capsule to tell the future about what my life is like in 2018, it would be    my DVD copy of The Other Guys    because   it’s hilarious    and   it’s going to hold up for generations… guaranteed.   

About The Author

Ellen Pickering

With a degree in Sociology/Anthropology and Studio Art, I am intrigued by human behavior and social structures and its fusion with branding and design solutions. As a Research Associate, I continually seek new ways to follow my curiosities and ask questions to find pattersn in the world. Other passions of mine include traveling, taking photographs, shooting hoops and rummaging through thrift stores. 

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