On Brain with Terry Wu: Part 1

Neuromarketer Terry Wu guides us through the convoluted recesses of the human mind.

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Capsule Seeks a Marketing/Research Intern

Capsule is looking for a marketing/research intern to join our team of creative wizards. 

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Thought Experiment: A World Without Innovation

Please note: this post originally appeared on the Front End of Innovation blog.

How would you describe a world without innovation?

We are heading into our annual trip to Boston for the Front End of Innovation conference. And, in honor of our book, The Physics of Brand we’ve identified an appropriate thought experiment.

What would the world be like without innovation? For those of us living, working and thriving in the “innovation” universe, it seems like heresy to even write this thought experiment. We are taught in business school, “innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage.” We grow...

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The Twenty Seven Percent: Memory Capsule

We sat down this year with our team to discuss what we'd write about for the FUSE conference. Typical to any ideation, it starts with a lot of jibber jabber and the chaff of what might be good ideas. Then, we all focused in on a sharp quote that pierced right through our Patagonia garments, slipped through butter like skin, glanced off a rib bone and was heading right for a beating heart.

"Most consumers wouldn't care if 73% of all brands disappeared."


Stages of grief start to activate.

1. [Denial] This can't be right, who did this study? Can we get our hands on the data? They must...

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Global Research on Moment Design

Our clients and friends at Patagonia recently commissioned our team to conduct a global study around the most valuable moments for their brand. If you’ve read up on our past work with Patagonia, you might have heard that when choosing a partner to work with, Patagonia always considers the question “are you willing to spend a week in a tent with these people?” We may be biased, but we have found this to be an excellent decision-making criteria. Yet, as we all know, the first opportunity to work together could be the last. Doing great work gets you invited back into the tent for another project.


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Capsule Seeks Marketing & Research Intern for Fall 2016

Capsule is seeking a marketing & research intern to work up to five days a week at our North Loop Minneapolis office. We're a fun, vibrant and hardworking bunch and we expect the same of our interns. This person must be high energy, driven and willing to work in a collaborative team environment. This person must also be willing to take on a multitude of tasks required in a small company as well as seek out tasks if they find a lull in their duties. This is a three-month, paid, 40-hours a week position.

Click here for a full description of the position....

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#ORshow >> Hike Far. Breathe Deep. Eat Well. Stick On. Stay Safe.

AlpineAire and Safe Reflections release new innovations at 2016 Summer OR Show

With the #RideToOR in the books and the bikes back on the rack, we are anxious to traverse the #ORshow looking for #DesignedMoments and engaging with outdoor brands from all over the world.

In preparation for the Outdoor Retailer show, we did more than navigate 400 miles of Rocky Mountain roads across Colorado and Utah. We also teamed up with our outdoor...

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Inside the Capsule: Intern Spotlight on Kyle

Meet Kyle Peterson, our new Business Development and Marketing Research Intern. In this versatile position, Kyle partners with our research manager while also suggesting new ways to reach a broader clientele base through applying his education to drive new business in innovative ways. Kyle comes to us as a Full-Time MBA student from the University of St. Thomas, where he is also studying to earn two business certificates in Digital Marketing and Business Analytics. Apparently Kyle is not a fan of free time. Kyle also brings a background in commercial Interior Design where he designed sweet buildings for 4 years after receiving his undergraduate degree from Iowa State University. Business and Design. We think he’ll do just fine...

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Patagonia, it all started in a shed.

When looking at this photo you might be asking yourself, “Why are these three good looking capsulites standing in front of that random shed?” Well funny you should ask, because this is not some happy accident, its tradition. For this random shed is not random at all. As Barry, our Research Manager describes it, “This [shed] is more than a blacksmith shed, moreover its part design studio, part retail store where Chouinard Equipment Co. would sometimes sell product direct to climbers. This is where the progenitor to Patagonia modeled, fabricated, tinkered, rejiggered and would then engineer the very best climbing gear.” This is where Patagonia began. So, when Capsule recently partnered with Patagonia for another...

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Aaron Keller to speak at the SCPD Annual Conference

Aaron will participate in the morning discussion on Friday, June 3rd at the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul.

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