On Brain with Terry Wu: Part 1

Neuromarketer Terry Wu guides us through the convoluted recesses of the human mind.

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Death by Data Dump

Making the most of your digital analytics

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When should we rebrand?

Is it time to rebrand, or just relook?

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Omnichannel, B2C, B2B…it’s really all B2H

Connecting brands with humans

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Good Design Doesn’t Happen By Committee

How to avoid the pitfalls of group decision-making and be more creative

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Capsule Seeks a Marketing/Research Intern

Capsule is looking for a marketing/research intern to join our team of creative wizards. 

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The Birth of Shakespeare

“All the world’s a stage …”

We have a tendency, as a human race, to seek out the individual hero of an epic tale. We want to believe in the singular genius who will save the world, design the iconic product or lead us all to a utopian dream. Yet, much of what we see when we explore the great icons of history is a collaborative team behind their use of the “me” or “I” pronouns. These characters in history are either given or take the credit for a smart gaggle of individuals working together in perfect harmony. From architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright) to politics (Barack Obama) to business ...

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Ring Lesson #3: Be Fearless

Today I met the brand icon, Martha Stewart. When I was in my 20s, I was intrigued by her. In my 30s, I learned from her. In my 40s, I envied her. Now, at the wonderful age of 50, I admire her. Why? Because she is fearless.

We’ve watched Martha build an empire, potentially fall from grace and emerge (wearing a stylish and sassy poncho) more bad-ass than ever. I use the term bad-ass with the utmost respect. I think Martha would approve because her drive comes from a deep desire to provide her followers with the very same recipes, home ideas, products and “Good Things” that...

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Ring Lesson #1: Identifying and Designing Your Moment in Space and Time

Wait a minute. Give me a minute. A New York minute. Minute by minute. Yep, we focus a lot on minutes, or lack thereof. Time is precious and one of our most valuable assets. Therefore, many barriers exist in earning a slice of people’s time. With this daily battle in mind, how often do you think about your brand’s secret weapon – the designed moment - that moment when you have an opportunity to make an impression, to make a friend for life?

We all know the importance of focusing on what makes us different. The goal though is to identify and capitalize on what makes us distinct; the components of our brand...

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Red Ball Jets: The Promise and Perils of Positioning

When I was a child I saw TV commercials for sneakers called Red Ball Jets. They showed kids leaping over wagons, hurtling tall bushes and outrunning big dogs. I still remember the tagline: “Red Ball Jets. They make you run faster and jump higher.” The shoes possessed supernatural powers. I had to have a pair!

After some polite cajoling, I gained these coveted shoes, tightened the laces, and attempted to vault a sturdy shrub. The plant won that contest. This was my introduction to the hazards of the marketplace. Caveat emptor!

Despite being duped at this early age, I entered the marketing profession. Through this career choice I find myself answering to others...

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