Think & Link with Amber Christian

Amber Christian, founder and owner of Wonderly Software Solutions, will take the Think & Link stage on Thursday, October 18. 

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Stansport: We Make Camping Fun

Gather around the campfire and learn about the rebranding of one of our favorite, fun-loving camping brands, Stansport. We sat down with designers, Beth Sicheneder and Kayla Petrich to get the low-down on the project.

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Designing A Promise

An interview with our designer, Emma Rotilie on our work with our friends at Pinky Swear Foundation.

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From Sketch to Super Bowl: Rush 2 Recycle

Capsule teamed up with PepsiCo to help take on an ambitious goal: recovering 90%, or 40 tons, of waste at Super Bowl LII. Working with the NFL, Aramark and U.S. Bank Stadium, Rush 2 Recycle worked to compost, recycle and repurpose waste created within the stadium and other events surrounding the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. We sat down with our designer Michelle to talk about the experience. 

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Designed by You, Built for Life.

How do you captivate today’s consumer, who wants customization and personalization for any product? How does a specialty retailer compete with the big brands and mega-retailers that provide this, and turn a profit at the same time?

That was the question New Normal Consulting was asked after being approached by Hexa Recreation Products, a high-end international manufacturer of premium customized goods. After extensive research to determine the best approach, New Normal approached Capsule to bring their kiosk concept to life. The custom jacket kiosks would be displayed at two boutique outdoor stores: Ute Mountaineer in Aspen, Colo. and Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis.

After several design concepts and 3D models were rendered,...

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Naming and A Bridge

This adventure began more than a decade ago, but continues to play itself out at random moments.

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How does design thinking move a bottom-of-the-shelf, fourth place brand to achieve a ninety percent leap in sales, jump to the lead position on shelf and continue to gain more share years into the future?

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The Omnipotent Shopper: Power to the People

Please note: this post originally appeared on the Omnishopper blog.

Not long ago (70s and 80s) power rested in the hands of brands. Then, over time (80s and 90s), the power transferred to mass retail. And, in the age of the internet, we have seen a shift community having more power. The last stop on this power trip is the person, not as a shopper, consumer or guest, but as a human being.

Omnipotent: Def; Having unlimited power, able to do anything.

We live in a time when the people have the power to respond in force to a brand’s inconsistencies. Peter...

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Chasing the Dragon

First impressions are important. This is made painfully evident in high-pressure situations like a first date or job interview, and everyone does their best to design the best possible first impression. Do you fully consider this when managing a brand? The importance is profound, yet often has the easiest win in the arena of experience design.

“Chasing the dragon” is a drug reference. The idea is this: the first time you take any particular drug, the feeling is so dramatic it is seldom replicated on subsequent experiences. Part of the addiction is a desire to get back to that first moment or, using 1950s ad language, that first impression. This same idea applies to discovering...

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Ring Lesson #2: Fight with Anxiety-Inducing Creativity

The theme for FUSE this year is Change by Design. Change seems to be a recurring theme within a lot of general conversations. Why? Because change is inevitable, necessary and we as human beings like/need to talk about things that scare us. Change is scary. And as Clark Scheffy from IDEO stated, change is also hard. Today’s speakers collectively addressed the topic of Change by Design from very different experiences. It was a day filled with inspiring lessons learned from Facebook, Dolby, Coke, Apple, Citi, Kiehl’s, Kellogg’s and new to FUSE (I think), DreamWorks Animation and Cirque du Soleil. My main takeaway from today is what I am calling Ring Lesson #2 –...

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