It Pays to be Original

The hidden costs of crowdsourcing logos

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Good Design Doesn’t Happen By Committee

How to avoid the pitfalls of group decision-making and be more creative

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Stansport: We Make Camping Fun

Gather around the campfire and learn about the rebranding of one of our favorite, fun-loving camping brands, Stansport. We sat down with designers, Beth Sicheneder and Kayla Petrich to get the low-down on the project.

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From Sketch to Super Bowl: Rush 2 Recycle

Capsule teamed up with PepsiCo to help take on an ambitious goal: recovering 90%, or 40 tons, of waste at Super Bowl LII. Working with the NFL, Aramark and U.S. Bank Stadium, Rush 2 Recycle worked to compost, recycle and repurpose waste created within the stadium and other events surrounding the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. We sat down with our designer Michelle to talk about the experience. 

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Capsule 18: Logos We’d Get Tattooed

With 18 years of age comes many new freedoms - you can vote, gamble, buy a lottery ticket, enlist in the army, and get a tattoo. This week we've decided to get *tatted up and imagine what brand logos we would each get tattooed.

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Capsule 18: Most Successful Rebrands

In celebration of turning 18 this year, the Capsule team takes a look at some of the things we have learned on our journey to adulthood. This week, our Capsule 18 highlights some of our favorite rebrands.

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Capsule 18: Favorite Typefaces

Our debut Capsule 18 post will honor none other than a pillar of brand identity and one of a designer's favorite assets....typefaces.

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Naming an Apple

How does an apple come to be? Well, it's all in the name of course! The University of Minnesota, the birthplace of beloved apple varieties Honeycrisp, Zestar!, SweeTango, Frostbite and more, approached Capsule with the need for a name for the future new kid on the produce block. After several rounds of brainstorming, the name "Rave" was born.

"Rave is a powerful brand name for apples, and one that we know will leave a lasting impression on consumers, especially after they bite into one.” -David Bedford, research scientist for the UMN apple breeding program.

When the opportunity to name the next apple passed through the doors at Capsule, everyone wanted in on...

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The Importance of Being Fresh

Five years ago Capsule was invited to participate in a General Mills project to study the concept of “fresh.” The group inside was a super-secret innovation team that resembled a SEAL squad. They had the ability to drop into any situation, study it deeply, produce profound insights and then facilitate ideation sessions with brand teams.

If you’re an innovation, research or consumer behavior geek, this would have had you salivating to a degree requiring a napkin. I carried one around the entire time. We won’t get into any more detail on the findings, methods or outcomes for General Mills because I’m not willing to give up my first born.<...

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The Birth of Otso Cycles

The romance we have with the two wheeled vehicles is long and packed with history, going back to our work with Schwinn, Yakima and a variety of other brands. Many of the Capsule staff pause to watch a bike pass by our big windows and would readily admit to touching a stranger's bike without permission. It isn't something we're embarrassed about, we just love what the bike embodies: freedom, human energy, adventure, exercise and living life in balance.

So, when we got a visit from the entrepreneurs at Wolf Tooth Components to launch a new brand of bikes, the...

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