The Sugar Goblin - The Return of Tricks for Treats

We have never claimed to be a "cause only" firm. We noticed those who did seemed to always sacrifice their claims for revenue. To us it's better to behave in a responsible manner to exchange our services for revenue and stories. Because of this we've been able to work with brands like Patagonia, Quirky and The Honest Company.

We are built on the frame of a design firm, but have never looked like a stereotypical design firm. We’ve found ourselves more engaged in what we call “Designing the Conversation” with our clients. Story driven brands are quick to adopt this line of thinking which personalizes and amplifies the story. We’ve also found an appreciation for our built in need to set up our clients for success, near and far term. It contrasts the short “campaign” bias in areas of our community.

When we were approached by a new venture named “The Sugar Goblin” we couldn’t help but go deep into this responsible new venture. Taking candy away from a baby is easy. Ask a child who has run a couple miles, who rang a large number of doorbells and carried a heavy bag of candy to give up the their treats and face the rage. Sugar is addictive and we as a culture are distributing this drug one doorbell at a time. Parents who know the aftermath of sugar need answers, ideas and solutions to this high-fructose problem.

The Sugar Goblin is a tale and a character, designed to replace treats with tricks. If you’re a parent and faced the rage of taking candy from your child, this is a story you’d appreciate. The Sugar Goblin character spends weeks leading up to Halloween showing off some mean “trickery” skills and entertaining both parents and kids. Then on the morning after, kids wake up with a gift they’ve exchanged for their sugar loot and the goblin goes away for another season.

Lesson: tricks are better than treats.
Mission: remove the addictive sugar and replace it with creative tricks
Results: you can find this new product on Amazon, in Creative Kidstuff stores and soon anywhere you shop for Halloween candy.

We would like to thank our client for inviting us on this adventure with them. We look forward to a great future for them and The Sugar Goblin.


About The Author

Aaron Keller

I am an author, strategist, researcher, cyclist, reader and consummate entrepreneur. When an interesting idea crosses my path, I find any way we can bring it to life. Earning an MBA from the Carlson School and numerous valuable credits at the school of hard knocks, I’ll sit at a boardroom conversation with anyone. Want to talk business strategy, consumer behavior and design? Oh, it’s on.

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