The Chipotle Scarecrow vs. any other Super Bowl ad

Pick an ad from any Super Bowl in the past thirty years and see if it measures up to The Scarecrow by Chipotle.

Here's what you have to work with in the evaluation.

1. Which bit of content (Super Bowl ad or Chipotle ad) got the most views?

2. Which one had the most engagement (uninterrupted viewing by the audience)?

3. Which one had the largest total amount of time (total number of content minutes multiplied by viewers) multiplied?

4. Which one did people intentionally view vs the one people were served up in the middle of other engaging content?

Think about it.

The Scarecrow has had almost 14 million views of over 3 minutes of content dripping with brand messages. How can any Super Bowl ad compare? Even go back to the most famous one of all time, the Apple 1984 ad.

Does it compare? If it happened today, maybe, but it suffers from being from another era.

Tell me what you think.

The Scarecrow below, just in case you've never seen it.



*Header image taken from video. All imagery and video content credit is given to Chipotle Mexican Grill.  



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