Take Five: Greg Brose & ARTCRANK

ARTCRANK marks one of the year's most anticipated events for Capsule, specifically for our Art Director, Greg Brose. If you're not familiar, ARTCRANK stages live events featuring bicycle-inspired posters created by local artists. Featuring artists spanning the United States from many of our greatest cities, ARTCRANK selects and supports a Cause Partner for each event -- a local, national or international organization that uses bicycles to make a difference in communities. This year's event in Minneapolis is hosted at Fulton Brewery

Greg Brose is on his 3rd year of illustrating posters for this event shares a few of his thoughts and inspirations below: 

1 – How many years of posters does this make?
This is the third year. Minneapolis is the start of the Artcrank show, and I feel honored to be able to create again this year.

2 – How did you get into this?
I have seen the posters designed from designers I know previously. Capsule had connected with Charles Youel (the founder), and learned about submitting artwork for the show. Three years ago, I sent in some work samples, kept my fingers crossed, and got into the competitive show.

3 – What inspired your poster this year?
I really enjoy mechanical machines and how they work. The idea came from the juxtaposition of man and machine. And as the sketches progressed, it was influenced by the new Boston Terrier puppy that will be joining our family in a few weeks. I wanted to share the freedom of getting out and riding in the wind just like us humans.

4 – Where does the money made from the posters go? Who is this years “cause” partner for Minneapolis?
A portion of the money goes back to the artists to help offset the cost of printing the posters. But this year, a portion of the proceeds will go the Musella Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that helps people with brain tumors financially and emotionally. Last year Aaron Purmort, a fellow designer and Artcrank artist, passed away from a brain tumor.

5 – And, a sneak peak at Greg's poster can be found here





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