The Redesign of the City of Minneapolis Logo:        Are You For or Against?

There are four reasons the redesign of the Minneapolis logo is an extreme challenge. And, there are four reasons we should redesign the city of Minneapolis logo.

It's a challenge because: 

1. Most citizens just don't get it or care about the importance of design and visual language (sad but true).

2. Human beings don't like change, it is hard wired into our biology.

3. The price tag to repaint (public service vehicles), resign and reprint would shock the average citizen.

4. Going half way on the implementation (not redoing signs here and there or waiting to repaint) is not a signal of competent city leadership.

And the counter argument: 

1. We are not a coastal sailing city (easy get, but not entirely a good reason).

2. Design and the arts are an important part of our local economy (ask Target, Herman Miller, 3M, Room & Board, Minnesota Orchestra and all the design firms and ad agencies in town).

3. We are proud of our city and want to have everything identifying our city to be of the highest quality.

4. Our city is on the edge of an amazing era with change that needs to be signaled with a new identity.

So, which side would you argue for as a citizen of our community?

According to the article linked to the image above, City staff developed the new logo to refresh the two-boat design. 




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