Physics of Brand

We are writing a book. We've written books before, but this one is different. Dramatically different.

This book takes a stroll down the cobblestone street dividing Experience Design and Brand Management. While both areas of practice and thinking are in the same city, we've noticed they don't get along like friends. So, we've devised a unifying theory (and formula) to understand the asset value of brands and the energy source for this value.

Here's where you come in. We're looking for help from our friends and network. We are seeking design stories, but not the ones you may typically think of when the word "design" swirls around in your head. We are seeking stories of designed experiences.

Here's an example and the reason for the image above.

Montgomery Ward had a catalog before Sears became a major competitor. Mr. Sears designed the catalog to be just a smidgen smaller than the Montgomery Ward book. In the time when these catalogs existed they were coffee table books, stacked and put on display just as you would an Ansel Adams book today.

The result was a stack of two catalogs, the Sears catalog on top each time someone sat down for a cup of coffee.

Every brand has a long list of designed moments, we're looking for the most compelling ones for this book. And, the sooner the better, our publisher will thank you and just as important, Capsule will thank you.

Please contact Courtney Johnson if you have a story to share. Even if you're not sure, we'd welcome a conversation (small brand, large brand or up and coming).

And, some history on Mr. Sears

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Aaron Keller

I am an author, strategist, researcher, cyclist, reader and consummate entrepreneur. When an interesting idea crosses my path, I find any way we can bring it to life. Earning an MBA from the Carlson School and numerous valuable credits at the school of hard knocks, I’ll sit at a boardroom conversation with anyone. Want to talk business strategy, consumer behavior and design? Oh, it’s on.

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