Package Is The Bridge.

Bridges are objects of beauty. They bring things together using diverse disciplines and eventually connect diverse regions of our planet.

Packaging has fully established itself in a new role.

The bridge.

Here is what we mean by this simple metaphor. The traditional marketing world would have the package fall under the “Product” part of the four Ps of marketing. Modern marketing has drawn the package under the “Promotion” part of Ps. What we really see happening is a bridge forming between the product to the promotion, and the package having the best chance of attaining success under this new title.

Think about it.

Where the package ends and the product begins is sometimes hard to tell, certainly in spirits where the bottle price is often a large multiple of the contents. Here we see the package making a larger contribution, but that isn’t where the conversation stops. Making a contribution is one thing, knowing specifically how the contribution is made offers a valuable detail.

The bridge-maker between product and promotion is a tremendous responsibility. The package can’t be only promotion. We’ve all seen that type of package. It’s hard to open, visually screams at you and does so much promotion the product could never live up to the promise. The package also can’t be over product driven, and merely the vehicle to get the product safely from manufacturer to your hands.

It falls somewhere in between and it really is driven by the surrounding experience. This is why we believe no one should be designing a package without knowing the buying, use and disposal experience. If these are left out of consideration, the package has a much greater chance of being designed within the vacuum of the designer’s mind.

If you build a bridge without knowing your surroundings, you’ll likely find flaws. The same goes for a package.

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