Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo: Words of love for The Physics of Brand

Writing a book on brands has connected us with some serious top-notch industry icons. We have dared to share our discoveries with some of our favorite thought leaders, and the words of love we are receiving back have made us ever grateful.

We plan to feature each of these shining individuals as a way to say, thank you.

First on the list: Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo.

Mauro joined Pepsi in 2012 and hopped into a newly created position as Chief Design Officer. The goal of this new position is to champion a new culture of innovation through design, and apply this mindset across the company’s product platforms, i.e. Pepsi, Lay’s, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Tropicana, Doritos, Cheetos, Quaker, Mirinda, Sierra Mist and SunChips. Muaro focuses on both physical and virtual expressions of the brands, including product, packaging, events, advertising, retail activation, architecture, and digital media.

Mauro works alongside PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi to implement this new design-forward era. Nooyi has given employees two-three years to adapt to a new design thinking culture, telling managers that if they don't change, she would be happy to attend their retirement parties. (source article, Brand Equity)

We also look forward to seeing Mauro at this year's FUSE conference in Miami, where he will be sharing insights into into PepsiCo's new culture, and how building better brands can change the world.  We applaud.


Mauro’s perspective was important to our team, specifically to continue building the conversation of "designed moments" into the entire spectrum of brand handlers – whether you’re the CFO or the CDO, this book's book club has a place for all.

The Physics of Brand, as told by Mauro Porcini:

“Blending a rigorous, near-scientific approach together with a sophisticated, humanistic focus on people’s minds, souls and behaviors, this book offers a comprehensive compendium of all the variables to consider for building valuable, memorable and sustainable brands.”


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