Inspired by 30 Days of Biking: Beautiful Bicycle Designs

Spring: its so close you can almost taste it. Oh, those are just the Easter themed Oreos Ive been snacking on all morning? My bad.

But seriously, though. The sun is staying up longer and the ice banks are turning to slush, which means soon theyll be gone forever. Or at least until December (and yes, I do realize this is wishful thinking.)

What better way to celebrate this joyous climate change than by challenging yourself to bike a little bit more? Trust me, I know its easy to come up with every excuse in the book to drive somewhere instead of bike€”my last excuse was that I was too sleepy from the burrito I ate for dinner€”but I know that the days I bike to work, or to happy hour, or even to the gym are usually the ones that make me feel the most energized. For that reason, Im taking the 30 Days of Biking pledge.

In the spirit of both the pledge and the smart design Im surrounded by in the Capsule office (who I hear had great participation with 30 Days of Biking last year), Ive compiled a collection of aesthetically beautiful bicycles. Although, Im not sure if Id want to ride them or just hang them on my wall as decorations. Disclaimer: I don’t know much about the functional design of bikes, I just know which ones I find visually pleasing.

Bamboo Bike by BlackStar

This beauty is trendy, functional, AND resourceful€”the bamboo frame is a renewable bicycle making material and the production creates formal employment in sub-Saharan Africa. It also comes in a womens frame, ideal for skirt days (a big priority for me.)

New York Bicycle by Kate Spade

I realize that a handbag designer probably doesnt know a whole lot about practical bicycle design for long rides and commuting, but well, isnt it pretty? The bright green is unique and bright, but not obnoxious. I just want to strap a basket to the front and ride it around a park in a summer sundress and big floppy hat. Sue me.

Driggs 3 Speed Mens Bicycle by Brooklyn Cruiser

Designed for easy commuting, Brooklyn Cruiser bikes are lightweight, have comfortable leather seats, and come with swept back handlebars€”a personal favorite of mine. Oh, and they look sleek and stylish, too. The three speed is also made in a womens frame with multiple color options (be sure to check out the Tangerine.) I would use this to ride from St. Paul to Capsule in a heartbeat.

Dont these make you want to get out and go for a ride? So go for it. Then consider pledging with me and almost 1,000 other people around the world who have promised to bike at least once a day for every day in April.

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