Have you met RoB?

We’d like to introduce you to RoB, short for your Return on Beauty. Yes, we are actually referring to a metric for beauty.

If measuring beauty isn’t something you’ve heard of, then you need to get to know a few designers. If you don’t know any, then come visit us and we’ll talk about the measurement of beauty. Or, look up the golden mean and you’ll find arguments for and against the idea of putting a measurement to beauty. Never mind the atheists of beauty, we know beauty attracts; elder philosophers and mathematicians have put forth formulas and modern scientists have reverse engineered it using human faces.

So, what the Helvetica does this have to do with designing a brand? If you understand a brand is not a logo or any tangible object, but rather a trusted memory in the minds of your audiences, then you have a chance to designing beauty into everything your brand manifests. Does it mean you measure your logo against the golden mean? Certainly not. It does mean, however, you should be able to measure how attracted people are to the brand you’re building.

This measurement will likely happen in the moments people interact with your brand. Understand the most important moments, understand how beauty contributes and use that information to design a more beautiful brand. Then, measure your return on beauty.

About The Author

Aaron Keller

I am an author, strategist, researcher, cyclist, reader and consummate entrepreneur. When an interesting idea crosses my path, I find any way we can bring it to life. Earning an MBA from the Carlson School and numerous valuable credits at the school of hard knocks, I’ll sit at a boardroom conversation with anyone. Want to talk business strategy, consumer behavior and design? Oh, it’s on.

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