Got Moxie?

A tree in my backyard had a massive black bag of garden garbage on top of its little piney head for a long time last summer. Ever feel that way? That the load is too heavy, that there is too much to do in too little time, that no matter what you do the client will not be happy. That the path forward seems dark—and smelly.

That’s where moxie comes in as defined in Neil Simons’ Lost in Yonkers.

We all need moxie to survive (and thrive) in business and family life. Instead of running away from responsibility and challenge, we turn around, face it, roll up our sleeves and say, “Come on. Is that all you got?” Moxie is what it takes to make a vision become a reality, to take a project from inception to completion, to raise kids, to do the right thing when it would be easier to do otherwise.

All great brands face tremendous adversity on the road to success. However, we often assume it’s magic, an overnight success.

Henry Ford invented the assembly line and forever changed production manufacturing. Not many know that Ford had tried several other businesses before his breakout success: He went bankrupt five times before finally making it with the Ford Motor Company.

Walt Disney was fired from his first job at the Kansas City Star because his cartoons were “not creative enough.” Last week I watched Frozen, Disney’s 2013 movie that grossed over $1 billion. The Walt Disney Company is now nearly one hundred years old, and it seems, creative enough. Mr. Disney had moxie, thank God.

Whatever you face, whether it is raising kids or getting the project delivered on time or starting that new job or business, you do have the inner resources that will surprise and even delight you to come up with creative solutions.

What about our favorite pine tree? After we removed the heavy load, the little guy bounced back—and is still growing strong.

Moxie helps us take on what life dishes out. Someone once said, “Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit.” This time of year, when expectations are high, can be especially tough.

Feel free to share in the comments what struggles you are facing right now. Let’s help each other develop the moxie to overcome.

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Mitch Bossart

Mitch is the founding and managing principal of Bold Communication LLC, a copywriting and marketing communications consultancy. He has led marketing communications storytelling initiatives with a diverse group of organizations such as NASA, Technicis Group, Trek Bicycle, Nextiva, Honeywell, Dassault Systèmes, Giro Helmets, Siemens, and a host of hardware and software startups working to create a better future for our world. Mitch is also a sought-after ghost blogger and a coffee house connoisseur. You can reach him at

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