Finding Your Voice

Do you tweet? Blog, post, pin or have circles? If your answer is no altogether, youre not alone — but probably in the minority.

If your answer is yes to one or two social mediums, you've probably found a specific niche for your usage. You've connected with old, I mean, “past” classmates. You may be collecting inspirational photos for your future dream house or sharing vacation photos.

If your answer is yes to all of them, plus a few more, you likely make a living in the social sphere.

Well, I looked back on my history with Facebook and saw that I joined the ranks in 2009. I definitely wasnt an early adopter but once I dabbled, I was hooked. Yes, I connected with past classmates. I connected with besties from high school and college and those who I only vaguely remember passing in the hallowed halls of Washington Senior High. Oddly though, for that latter group, I cared. I genuinely cared to know what had become of those faces. Were they married, with or without kids? Did they move away from the hometown or just down the block? Good Lord, some were grandparents? Sadly, a few were deceased.

In my searching and stalking, I mostly wanted to know, were they happy in their lives? And, I found “friends” genuinely cared to know about my life as well. Facebook actually brought value to my everyday life.

After Facebook, I ventured into Pinterest then Instagram and reluctantly into the Twittersphere. Upon the urging of @KellerofCapsule, I opened my mind to the fact that I might have something interesting to say in 140 characters or less. So, my clamshell mind was forced open, but now what was I going to say? The pressure was on.

Thankfully, @KellerofCapsule then gave me a very good piece of advice. He said, “Hart, you have to find your voice.”

Crickets. Awkwardly long pause. More crickets.

I certainly thought that at the age of 40-something I had already found my voice. There are plenty of people who tire of my voice. But this was different. In this medium, I wasn't about to try being something I wasn't. I would leave the heady, quipped, brand strategy and corporate asset value commentary to him. With that pressure lifted, I began putting down on paper the random things blurt out of my mouth in the Capsule eagle's nest on any given work day. When I'd go off on a rant, he'd say, “Theres a blog post in there somewhere.”


I found my voice in translating the heady stuff into more practical advice and perspective. I was making the hard to conceptualize easy to understand. It's not dumbed down. It's just simplified, real and digestible. To quote someone more profound than myself, my voice is “making it real.”

I learned there are people who can coach you to find your voice, no matter how 40+ you are. Having your voice as an individual and a brand is pretty much the same thing. So, my advice now is, find confidence in your perspective, what you have to convey and the opportunity to provide meaning and value to others lives through what you write, tweet, share, pin or post.

I am @HartofCapsule. Care to follow?

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Kitty Hart

I am the HartofCapsule, caring for our clients, friends, colleagues and partners. When I’m not deep in strategy and design thought, I dream of belting out Diana Krall tunes in the blue haze of a nightclub. Until that dream is realized, I help Capsule’s clients understand and rise above business challenges through designed conversations. Within Capsule's blog, I write about general observations and occasional oddities of our designed world.

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