Feeding our addiction for thought leadership.

Here’s the deal.

We’re addicted to thought leadership. There, its out and now we can talk about it.

Like a fully loaded mocha, we can’t give up our desire to learn from others and hear what’s being discussed on the subjects of brand, identity and packaging design. It isn’t “like” a drug, it is one.

What to do with an addiction like this? Feed it.

So, you can image the joyous smile when asked to blog at the 2010 FUSE Conference. We will be meeting interesting people, interviewing thought leaders, taking video of what we observe and making it available to our friends and followers. If you have the same addiction, we hope to give you enough to feed your need. Enjoy.

Our posts will show up at http://nextbigdesign.blogspot.com

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  • 13.4.2010

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