Discover Capsule

1 window. 8 letters. Over 300 word combinations.

Super Bowl 52 is around the corner, and with it brings a number of newcomers to our beautiful and creative city. We greet our new audience with eight larger than life letters to engage everyone in a playful, creative word game and interactive installation. We encourage our community and its visitors to pause and discover something new. With over three hundred potential words created by these eight hanging letters alone, we hope to flex our community’s creative brains and challenge them to write us a message using only these eight letters.


Up for the challenge? Share your pedestrian poetry with us on social media using the hashtag, #DiscoverCapsule.

Here’s to the bold, curious, and creative north.

About The Author

Ellen Pickering

With a degree in Sociology/Anthropology and Studio Art, I am intrigued by human behavior and social structures and its fusion with branding and design solutions. As a Research Associate, I continually seek new ways to follow my curiosities and ask questions to find pattersn in the world. Other passions of mine include traveling, taking photographs, shooting hoops and rummaging through thrift stores. 

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  • 29.1.2018

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