Designed Moments [Two of Thousands]

How uniform do uniforms really need to be?

Think about it. We did.

When asked by Experience Engineering and Panda Express to design a more authentic chinese dining experience. We looked at the entire experience and considered each moment to identify ways to make it more memorable, engaging and authentic.

One of the artifacts of the experience we found to be rather interesting were the uniforms. How many quick serve restaurants have a polo and logo as their primary “uniformity” element in employee wardrobe? Too many, perhaps.

We considered what happens when someone has to wear a “uniform” outside the restaurant. This led to the design of a more fashionable wardrobe for the staff. The uniformity was clear when you entered the experience, but not overbearing when an employee wore a “uniform” home.

The result would be employees enjoying what they wear to work. And, when you make improvements to an employee’s experience, it will likely make a positive improvement on the customer. We all know this to be an over written truth.

We considered and had designed moments for hundreds of other parts of the Panda Express experience. “The Panda Passport,” pictured above, was another moment designed, but we will leave that one for future discussions.

If you would like to hear about more of these designed moments in advance of our publishing them here, call Kitty Hart. If you have a thought on a designed experience, please leave it, we are interested in hearing your perspective on this perpetually changing design methodology.

If you’re just enjoying the reading, continue to do so.

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