Twin Cities Startup Week 2018: How WE Built This

We are proud of all the work we’re able to produce for clients and often we become close friends after working so closely. Wonderly and Amber Christian certainly fit that pattern in the Capsule culture.

The Wonderly name was inspired by the curious, energetic and empathetic approach Amber takes in life. She has designed a new software company, with people at the center, vs code. Her first product takes on something most people dread -- meetings. And, like anything Amber touches, everyone’s invited to see how it came to life in a StartUp week speech with two of her co-collaborators Hillary Feder and myself.

Come visit the Mn Orchestra and learn how she formed her team, what inspired this new venture and plenty of other nuggets from the inside of a software startup.

And, if the name Wonderly isn’t curious enough for a new software brand, perhaps the trademarked “wink” will put you over the top.


About The Author

Aaron Keller

I am an author, strategist, researcher, cyclist, reader and consummate entrepreneur. When an interesting idea crosses my path, I find any way we can bring it to life. Earning an MBA from the Carlson School and numerous valuable credits at the school of hard knocks, I’ll sit at a boardroom conversation with anyone. Want to talk business strategy, consumer behavior and design? Oh, it’s on.

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  • 2.10.2018

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