It’s Ok To Fight Back

Remember when you were in school? No, not the sorority party memories. Go back further. I'm talking the days of learning how to get along on the playground. Sharing your lunch treat with the cute boy and being sure to have a Valentine for each and every kid in your classroom. We were taught to turn the other cheek if someone was picking on us. Or if a confrontation was imminent, we should "use our words" in defense. Taking a swing at the school bully was the last resort. As grown adults, I know most of us try to live by these well-taught guidelines. However, sometimes it's not so easy and desperate times call for desperate measures.<...

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The Curve of a YETI Cooler

The brothers who invented YETI coolers came from a fishing guide and entrepreneurial family. With a father as a fishing guide, they spent plenty of time out on water and in the heat. If “necessity is the mother of invention,” then these are the brothers of invention. We had a chance to sit down and discuss YETI coolers with their head of marketing, Corey Maynard, and talk about how the brothers of invention and three gaps made for a new curve on coolers.

If you haven’t heard of YETI, here are their sales growth numbers just to put the brand in perspective. The YETI brand growth curve is in a word, exponential.<...

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Physics of Brand: the Book Tour

Coming to a city near you: the Physics of Brand. This year, we will be visiting a select number of cities where we will be talking about the value of a brand, the importance of a designed moment and how the book came together with three authors.

Cities announced at this point:

-- Seattle, WA: Nov 14-16

-- Washington, DC: Nov 28-30

-- New York, NY: Dec 12-16


Additional cities being considered for 2017:

-- Boston, MA

-- Portland, OR


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Global Research on Moment Design

Our clients and friends at Patagonia recently commissioned our team to conduct a global study around the most valuable moments for their brand. If you’ve read up on our past work with Patagonia, you might have heard that when choosing a partner to work with, Patagonia always considers the question “are you willing to spend a week in a tent with these people?” We may be biased, but we have found this to be an excellent decision-making criteria. Yet, as we all know, the first opportunity to work together could be the last. Doing great work gets you invited back into the tent for another project.


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Capsule in the Sky Challenge

Our co-founder and managing principal Aaron Keller, along with Physics of Brand, were mentioned in Delta Sky magazine's September issue. To celebrate soaring to new heights in the realm of blending physics and branding, we are offering a challenge to frequent and not-so-frequent flyers alike. 

For those those that are willing to rise to the challenge of snagging 10 copies of the September issue of Delta Sky magazine and bringing them inside the Capsule, we will award a signed copy of Physics of Brand. 

If the thought of taking a Sky magazine in plane sight sends your stomach soaring, here are three helpful tips when navigating...

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Building Your Personal Brand

We are in the brand business. We help brands identify new opportunities, increase the value of their brand and build stronger relationships with their clients and customers. We use design methods as a platform for doing this in the most compelling manner for our clients.

So, on occasion we are asked about personal branding and how these methods and principles apply to an individual. Here are some thoughts on how our methods might help build a stronger personal brand.

1. Start with an audit and some one-on-one interviews: The audit is as simple as a Google search on your name and looking at the areas where you appear. What words are used to describe you, when...

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The Importance of Brand Authenticity

For the last 40 years, Patagonia has remained true to the mission Yvon Chouinard created when he began selling pitons out of his parent's backyard: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Despite the increasing number of brands creating athletic-chic wear as a fashion statement, Patagonia has not swayed from its environmentally and socially responsible roots. As Maura Brannigan wrote, "While a growing number of sportswear brands are working overtime to capitalize on athleisure, Patagonia isn't getting sidetracked. Instead, the company is focused on delivering what it does...

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ICYMI: Physics of Brand Authors Takeover Think & Link

Last Thursday night, the Capsule Cafe was bursting for a happy hour edition of our monthly speaker series Think & Link. Friends of Capsule and authors Aaron Keller, Dan Wallace and Renee Marino gathered for a soft launch of Physics of Brand [], their new book about understanding the forces behind brands that matter.

It was great to have all three authors in the same place at the same time, a rare treat to see how they play off each other, sometimes even finishing each other’s thoughts or sentences. Or translating for the audience, demonstrating that they get it even when we don’t....

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Physics of Brand Featured in Popular Business Column

The authors of Physics of Brand were featured in Lee Schafer’s Sunday business column in the Star Tribune.

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Physics of Brand Review: Tobias Puehse

How great would it be if your day-to-day job was managing innovation?  More so, how great is it that the current marketplace demands this job at all?  Tobias Puehse holds this role on a VP level at MasterCard, and was kind enough to review our book through his impressive futuristic lens.

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