Capsule Internship Makes the Grade

Hello! Im Krista, the newest addition to the Capsule team. As my third week as Capsule’s summer design intern concludes, I would like to take this opportunity to share a bit about myself and my experience at Capsule thus far.

I was born and raised in Appleton, Wisc. and just graduated last month from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a degree in graphic design. Ive moved to Minneapolis for this internship and have been enjoying my first experience living in Minnesota (with all the rivalry that happens between Wisconsin and Minnesota, I must say, theyre basically the same state).

Besides design, of course, other areas of interest include anything outside (hiking, camping, snowboarding, playing with sidewalk chalk, you name it!), reading, cooking, yoga, the farmers market, thrifting, exploring Minneapolis by bike, social causes and sustainability.

Although my time here has been short, Ive already learned so much! So far, Ive: gone on my first press check, met with two vendors, participated in a naming project, tagged along to meet a client for a fit check, joined a brainstorm for a branding project were in the midst of, and contributed to both a website and a packaging project. All of these experiences have allowed me to learn some of “what they dont teach you in school” as one of Capsule’s art directors, Greg Brose, says.

In addition to learning a lot, I have also thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Capsule. I originally applied for the internship position because I was so impressed and inspired by Capsules variety and quality of work. Although very true, I now realize that there is even more that makes Capsule wonderful. These are FUN people. There is not a day that I havent laughed out loud on one or more occasions.

Jokes aside, I am impressed by how the team collaborates.Everyone has been very welcoming and this is such an inspiring place and I feel fortunate to be a part of it!As you can see, Ive been enjoying my time here at Capsule as a design intern and Im excited to see what they throw my way in the next two months.

photo | from Capsule’s North Loop neighborhood, courtesy of Kate Smith

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  • 26.6.2012

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