Capsule 15: Quotes

Over the course of the past 15 years, Capsule has had the opportunity to be inspired by thought leaders, designers, entrepreneurs and visionaries of the business and design community. Our next series brings you quotes spoken by a selection of these people. We hope you find the insight tucked into each of these quotes inspirational and allow each selection to guide yourself on your own journey, as we have.

Day Fifteen: 

The more you explore the creative corners of yourself, the more you discover you have less boundaries than you may have thought. 

Day Fourteen: 

Always, always, always finish what you start. 

Day Thirteen: 

Other influencers we couldn't live without? Paul Rand, Frank Lloyd Wright and Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Day Twelve: 

The artist's position is a humble one when compared to the position of the mechanism through with the artist is telling the story. The artist is a channel for the art to tell the story to the audience and for the audience to be on the receiving end of said story or message. 


Day Eleven: 

Because great design fits in with the environment and the experience in such a way that it just makes sense. 

Day Ten:

To be given the chance to create is the meat and potatoes in life. To be given the satisfaction of creating, is the gravy. 


Day Nine: 

Thoughtful experimentation leads to innovation and growth. Thanks Ralph Waldo Emerson for the reminder. 


Day Eight: 

Setting out to do good and make people happy seems like a pretty good contribution. For us at Capsule, it's also about doing work that makes our clients happy. 


Day Seven: 

Be unique, strive for greatness. Oscar Wilde's wise words on the manner and method of an artist intrigues our creative spirit at Capsule. 

Day Six: 

One of Time Magazine's 100 most influencial people, Malcom Gladwell is an inspirational writer and thought leader for us here at Capsule. Some of our favorite books written by the very prestigious New York-based Canadian? Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking and Outliers: The Story of Success. 

Day Five: 

Paul Rand, best known for designing the ABC, IBM and UPS corporate identities. Because of his design philosophy, influenced by Swiss Design, he played a large role in incorporating design into business. And for that, the baton has been passed to the graphic design community to continue to influence the progression of design. 



Day Four: 

Paul Finch is the editorial director of the Architects Journal. Critique and expert in the field of art, design and architecture, Finch writes about the design of buildings and their influence on cities around the world. 


Day Three: 

American author and professor, Isaac Asimov wrote over 500 books in his lifetime. Mostly contributing to science fiction and popular science, Asimov's contribution to American literature and forward thinking inspires our own thinking and creating unique solutions. 

Day Two: 

The phonograph, lightbulb and the motion-picture camera are each credited to Thomas Edison. An inspiration for innovation, we look to Edison's grit and determination to inspire us as we look to improving and contributing to the future of our world.  


Day One:

Leonardo Da Vinci -- a painter, sculpter, engineer, inventor, musician...the list goes on. Our entire team at Capsule is inspired by taking a complicated problem and making a simple, custom solution. Simple, thoughtful and elegant is how we roll.

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Affectionately known around the office as C-John, CoJo or Uptown Girl, I make sure the whole world knows about the general greatness of Capsule. Armed with the Mary Tyler Moore theme song and Audrey Hepburn inspired wardrobe, I coordinate all details around building relationships and exploring new design opportunities. Sailing on Lake Calhoun and attending local concerts feed my daily musings. 


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