Capsule 15: Capsule (Business) Card Tricks

We receive compliments and commentary on our metal business cards every day. They are an iconic player in how we create impressions with those who we connect with in and around our network. Our cards, sturdy, shiny and impressive as they are, also have a number of hidden uses. Throughout the last 15 years, we've realized a variety of alternate uses for our cards -- from finger splints to micro shims. Our series will unveil 15 hidden card tricks.

Looking to connect? We look forward to connecting with you, to hear a "card trick" suggestion of your own. 

Trick Number One: Ice Scraper

Trick Number Two: Nail File 

Trick Number Three: Lemon Zester 

Trick Number Four: Straight Edge

Trick Number Five: Finger splint 

Trick Number Six: Guitar Pick 

Trick Number Seven: PediCard

Trick Number Eight: Honeycomb

Trick Number Nine: Compass 

Trick Number Ten: Caulk Edger

Trick Number Eleven: Cutting Tool

Trick Number Twelve: Ninja Throwing Star

Trick Number Thirteen: Eskimo Goggles

Trick Number Fourteen: Solar Eclipse Projector 

Trick Number Fifteen: Mini Ruler


About The Author

Courtney Johnson

Affectionately known around the office as C-John, CoJo or Uptown Girl, I make sure the whole world knows about the general greatness of Capsule. Armed with the Mary Tyler Moore theme song and Audrey Hepburn inspired wardrobe, I coordinate all details around building relationships and exploring new design opportunities. Sailing on Lake Calhoun and attending local concerts feed my daily musings. 


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