Can I Have It? Pretty Packaging for Humdrum Products

Some families of products are more prone to thoughtful package design than others. Food, alcohol, coffee, electronics and cosmetic products dominate Pinterest boards and blogs. I’m not embarrassed to say that often, Ill buy one tube of lipstick or one bottle of whiskey or one blend of coffee over another merely because of how it looks on the outside€”this is how thoughtful, competitive design works. But my question is, shouldnt the “boring” products be getting just as much aesthetic thought as the fun ones? We all need to buy toilet paper, and there are dozens of brands out there to choose from. Shouldnt the similar, everyday products€”the ones that are harder to stand out against their competitors€”try some exciting, innovative package design too? Turns out, a lot of designers agree. Here are a few less-than-exciting products with fun, functional and funky design that have me aching for a pretty packaging credit card.

Interapothek Toothpaste
Designed by Eduardo del Fraile, Spain

Inspired by the silhouette of the toothpaste as its squeezed out of the tube, this package makes a mindless, daily task€”not to mention a boring trip down the hygiene isle at the pharmacy€”a little bit more exciting.

Very Very Bright Light Bulbs
By Julia Kim, School of Visual Arts

I only realize I need to buy light bulbs when I’m sitting in a dark room trying to simultaneously eat a sandwich and browse Netflix. If I saw these cute little guys at the store, I probably wouldn’t end up in as many sad situations (or, in the very least, I’d be able to eat without spilling lettuce on my pants).

Dr. Oetker Flour
Diego Aguilar, Brazil

Flour is the basis for so many delicious things, so why not have it look as pretty as the cookies it produces? This package looks like a baking mess€”in a way that makes me want to pick it up, take it home, and whip up some dough.

The Bazingaa Boxer Hand Bombs
God Speed Co. Ltd., Thailand

Why aren’t all underwear packages interactive? Not only is this package condensed, easy to remove from it’s holder and made of recyclable materials, but the idea is unique and innovative. Though I don’t feel the need to buy boxers myself, I can’t imagine it being too enthralling of a purchase€”unless, of course, it takes the shape of a grenade.

Smartas Toilet Paper
Anagrama, Mexico

Bright, young, quirky packaging for an everyday product. The lively colors and simple, sleek design matches the playful, punny product name, making it the prettiest toilet paper around.

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