Inside the Capsule: Employee Spotlight on Rachel

Get to know our new account manager, Rachel.

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  • 23.5.17

Chasing the Dragon

First impressions are important. This is made painfully evident in high-pressure situations like a first date or job interview, and everyone does their best to design the best possible first impression. Do you fully consider this when managing a brand? The importance is profound, yet often has the easiest win in the arena of experience design.

“Chasing the dragon” is a drug reference. The idea is this: the first time you take any particular drug, the feeling is so dramatic it is seldom replicated on subsequent experiences. Part of the addiction is a desire to get back to that first moment or, using 1950s ad language, that first impression. This same idea applies to discovering...

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Mother’s Day: Uncensored

Why don't brands show us real moms?

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The Birth of Shakespeare

“All the world’s a stage …”

We have a tendency, as a human race, to seek out the individual hero of an epic tale. We want to believe in the singular genius who will save the world, design the iconic product or lead us all to a utopian dream. Yet, much of what we see when we explore the great icons of history is a collaborative team behind their use of the “me” or “I” pronouns. These characters in history are either given or take the credit for a smart gaggle of individuals working together in perfect harmony. From architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright) to politics (Barack Obama) to business ...

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AARP, you’ve got a brand problem.

This post originally appeared on the Front End of Innovation blog.

Remember when you couldn’t wait to grow up? When you were 6 and someone asked your age the response was, “I’ll be 7!” The next birthday couldn’t come soon enough.

Then of course, there were exciting age-related milestones like Sweet16 and the legal voting age of 18. Even better, turning 19, or 21 depending on your state of residence, and having your first drink (legally). Now we’re talking! Hello, adulthood. The future is bright.

What’s next? Purchasing a first car…marriage…buying a house?...

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Why are acronyms bad for brands?

The first rule of naming, don’t describe your product, company or service in your name. Why? Not only does your product, service, and company change, but it reduces your chances of trademark ownership and does not help memorability. Three strikes and your desire to describe is sitting on the bench instead of playing ball.

But what if you’ve been building some brand value in your descriptive name? And you’ve found a lack of receptivity from the for ownership of your trademark? The answer in the past was go acronym or bust. This is why...

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Now Available: Augmented Reality

If you’ve spent some time with the Capsule team, you would have noticed our abundant fascination with games, augmented reality and anything kids. In the last 17 years we’ve worked with Fisher-Price, Mattel and helped launch a variety of other kid-focused products and brands. This has fed our desire for more interesting ventures in these spaces.

Our newest client, SwapBots, has all the bits of a great story coming together. Buy a set of characters, download the free app, build your characters and then battle your neighbor or a random kid across the world.

If you’ve tried Pokemon Go, you&rsquo...

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Calling All: Creators

We're looking for guests bloggers to participate in the conversations happening inside the Capsule. 

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  • 2.5.17

Think & Link for a Living: Charles Youel

Charles Youel, founder and creative director of Artcrank, will be taking the Think & Link stage in May.

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Save the Curds!

Long live the deep fried cheese curd.

We have had the wonderful opportunity to travel around the world for clients. It is hard to miss the volume of history many countries have compared to the United States. So, the history we have, we need to respect and preserve.

You might think my emphasis here is preserving an old historic site, building or art form under attack from modernization. Or a rant against modernizing in general from a north loop resident looking around at all the modern buildings. This is not my focus. My focus is the almighty deep fried cheese curd.

Yes, the deep fried cheese curd. The food Wikipedia refers to as ...

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