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How do you captivate today’s consumer, who wants customization and personalization for any product? How does a specialty retailer compete with the big brands and mega-retailers that provide this, and turn a profit at the same time?

That was the question New Normal Consulting was asked after being approached by Hexa Recreation Products, a high-end international manufacturer of premium customized goods. After extensive research to determine the best approach, New Normal approached Capsule to bring their kiosk concept to life. The custom jacket kiosks would be displayed at two boutique outdoor stores: Ute Mountaineer in Aspen, Colo. and Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis.

After several design concepts and 3D models were rendered,...

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Capsule 18: Brands We’d Love to Work With

In celebration of turning 18 this year, the Capsule team takes a look at some of the things we have learned on our journey to adulthood. With a mix of brands we deeply admire and brands we think could use a little TLC, we're discussing the brands that we'd like to work with this week.

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Capsule 18: Thought-Provoking Quotes

For this week's Capsule 18, we thought about the quotes that have influenced us the most throughout the years. These quotes keep us inspired, creative, motivated, and self-reflective in our personal and professional lives. 

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Brands and Intellect

How brands and algorithms may be making us more dumb.

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Capsule 18: Innovative Apps We’re Using

In celebration of turning 18 this year, the Capsule team takes a look at some of the things we have learned on our journey to adulthood. This week, it's all about the groundbreaking, time-saving, creativity-sparking, and life simplifying apps we're using.

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Can a Corporation Care?

We have to hold corporations up to a higher standard and believe in their role as members of our society.

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Organic Intangibles

Brands obtain value by existing in the memories of their current and potential customers. Wall Street appears to have so little confidence in the brand that those memories have no value, at least operating under current management.

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  • 27.10.17

Capsule 18: Logos We’d Get Tattooed

With 18 years of age comes many new freedoms - you can vote, gamble, buy a lottery ticket, enlist in the army, and get a tattoo. This week we've decided to get *tatted up and imagine what brand logos we would each get tattooed.

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Trend Walk: Foresight & Trends

It has been a couple weeks since Foresight & Trends, the memories of my best vegan lunch are fading slowly. The memory of a walk we took at the conclusion of the conference, however, remains vivid in my thoughts.

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Think & Link for a Living: Wendy Blackshaw

Wendy Blackshaw, SVP of Marketing and Sales for the MN Super Bowl Committee, will be taking the Think & Link stage in November.

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