Think & Link for a Living: Kieran Folliard

Kieran Folliard, founder of 2 Gingers Whiskey, will take the Think & Link stage in October.

About Kieran Folliard Kieran grew up in a small town in the west of Ireland, in Ballyhaunis. Having established 4 still-thriving unique Irish pubs with modern, balanced and creative menu items, Kieran cultivated his interest in mixing classics with forward thinking, high quality and beauty.  The pubs reflect Kieran's passion and aspire to ‘leave people with an experience that they cannot wait to come back to.' The pubs - Kieran’s, The Local, The Liffey<...

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Spin, Puffery and Other Lies We Believe

We make the truth interesting.

Spin is the public relations equivalent to puffery in advertising. You know it when your PR firm passes along the sage advice of “tell the truth but manage the message.” Know the origin of the advisor before listening to the advice. Some in our field of marketing use the word “storytelling” loosely to describe their efforts to help brands. The idea here is simple, people struggle to remember facts and figures, but they remember stories. That’s true, but it isn’t the entire story.

People remember how you made them feel: through the use of stories, artifacts and the people surrounding your brand....

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The Birth of Otso Cycles

The romance we have with the two wheeled vehicles is long and packed with history, going back to our work with Schwinn, Yakima and a variety of other brands. Many of the Capsule staff pause to watch a bike pass by our big windows and would readily admit to touching a stranger's bike without permission. It isn't something we're embarrassed about, we just love what the bike embodies: freedom, human energy, adventure, exercise and living life in balance.

So, when we got a visit from the entrepreneurs at Wolf Tooth Components to launch a new brand of bikes, the...

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Pentawards: Top 10 of the Decade

Capsule is up for another Pentaward!

In 2009, we won a gold Pentaward for our work with Double Cross Vodka. This year, the Pentawards are rounding up the "greatest hits" in packaging to award the top 10 packages of the decade. The top 10 awards will be given at the ALL4PACK ceremony in November, and include nominees from over 25 different countries. 

"The 'greatest hits' of a decade of packaging design puts the Double Cross bottle in a class of brands with which we are proud to mingle....

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Capsule Library: Thinking Fast and Slow

So many books, so little time. In our Capsule library series, we will feature a few of the books found inside the Capsule library, from our Encyclopedias to our childrens books. Our first feature is on "Thinking Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman.

In "Thinking Fast and Slow", Daniel Kahneman examines the two processes that govern the way we think: system one and system two. System one is our emotional, immediate reaction, while system two is our more rational, delibrate thoughts. Kahneman analyzes the merits of system two, and how slow thinking can benefit both our business and personal lives.

So, why is it in the Capsule library?

We know that buying behavior...

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Think & Link for a Living: Allison Kaplan

Allison Kaplan, senior editor of Shopping & Style for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine will take the Think & Link stage for September.

About Allison Kaplan In addition to editing the Shopping & Style section of the Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Allison hosts Shop Girls, a weekly radio program on myTalk107.1, and can be seen on TV as a regular contributor to Fox 9 Morning Buzz and Twin Cities Live. Her award-winning Ali Shops Blog at is a popular resource for shopping and fashion insights as well as retail news. She is also the founder and editor of Ali Shops Mall of America (<...

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Capsule in the Sky Challenge

Our co-founder and managing principal Aaron Keller, along with Physics of Brand, were mentioned in Delta Sky magazine's September issue. To celebrate soaring to new heights in the realm of blending physics and branding, we are offering a challenge to frequent and not-so-frequent flyers alike. 

For those those that are willing to rise to the challenge of snagging 10 copies of the September issue of Delta Sky magazine and bringing them inside the Capsule, we will award a signed copy of Physics of Brand. 

If the thought of taking a Sky magazine in plane sight sends your stomach soaring, here are three helpful tips when navigating...

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Building Your Personal Brand

We are in the brand business. We help brands identify new opportunities, increase the value of their brand and build stronger relationships with their clients and customers. We use design methods as a platform for doing this in the most compelling manner for our clients.

So, on occasion we are asked about personal branding and how these methods and principles apply to an individual. Here are some thoughts on how our methods might help build a stronger personal brand.

1. Start with an audit and some one-on-one interviews: The audit is as simple as a Google search on your name and looking at the areas where you appear. What words are used to describe you, when...

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Inside the Capsule: Intern Spotlight on Maddi

Meet Maddi, our social media intern. Maddi comes to Capsule as a recent graduate from the University of Northwestern - St. Paul, where she studied PR and mastered the art of eating mac and cheese for nearly every meal. 

Life motto? When in doubt, dance it out. What is your favorite social media platform and why?  My favorite social media platform is definitely Instagram. It fosters creativity and community in a unique way that is really appealing. It’s also the only platform that provides exclusive photos of Taylor Swift’s life, so naturally it’s my fav.  What do you bring to the Capsule team? I make really good crab...

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#ORshow >> Hike Far. Breathe Deep. Eat Well. Stick On. Stay Safe.

AlpineAire and Safe Reflections release new innovations at 2016 Summer OR Show

With the #RideToOR in the books and the bikes back on the rack, we are anxious to traverse the #ORshow looking for #DesignedMoments and engaging with outdoor brands from all over the world.

In preparation for the Outdoor Retailer show, we did more than navigate 400 miles of Rocky Mountain roads across Colorado and Utah. We also teamed up with our outdoor...

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